It’s Alive

Words and ideas are not always static. They change and breath grow and morph and stretch into new concepts. This it the main idea behind this journal.  I would love to say this idea sprung from my own consciousness but it did not. It is a concept I discover from from Grey Cross and his site Immortal Artist.  It’s kind of like a Frankenstein Mr. Potato head concept in that the creator uses what he has at his disposal to create his creation and, if he happens upon an extra limb one day that changes his viewspoint , he can always go back and add it somewhere to change the original creation. (I’m sure this Journal description will change at some point)

The main theme will center around Writing and Creativity but that is just the body and brains of this journal. The content will change and grow and, at times, be dormant.

The potential to change is limitless, so lets march forward together with our pens and our crayons and our papers and our mid-shower ideas, as one collective unconscious, and explore changing worlds together.